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Graduated in metalwork and artistic craftsmanship, Anouchka Potdevin asserts forceful identity in her creations. Since 2003, she associates design and crafted know-how. In 2013, the designer makes a noticeable statement when presenting for the first time la Cage, exempted from consumers trends with an elegant and poetic twist. Today, Anouchka Potdevin’s imaginative and special approach delights worldwide interior designers.

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Starting point for Happé: a chair.


David Urien, owner of the beauty salon Blush atelier, asked Anouchka for a seat to allow a comfortable positioning for his clients during the make-up sessions.

Ergonomics is overriding. The object has to fit the human body. This the reason why the designer has built the chair back panel directly on her back, at her workshop.


This chair is first intended for a place dedicated to beauty business. So, whatever the time of day or the point of view, the chair has to be beautiful and radiant. Encouraged by its success so far, the decision is made to produce series of it. The chair is obviously named Blush. Happé is born.


We design and build for you high finishing products made in France. We are proud to introduce them here and our ambassadors too.

Being a French firm involves several things: quality of know-how and service provided, and taste for beauty ! You can ask us for a color, a fabric, even more. Would you like a limited edition, especially made for you ? We are here to help you.


So, owning a comfortable product is great, but being amazed while looking at it brings so much more. Here is the pleasure. Because, why producing one more chair ? This is a question we frequently raise. Well, the problem is solved as soon as we are designing with joy for comfort and beauty, aspiring to last.

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